Biogas treatment solutions

OSEIDO is specialized in the design, construction and commissioning of biogas treatment units into biomethane.

Tailor-made treatment
We offer solutions based on membrane-based biogas purification processes.
The technologies deployed are based on the use of SEPURAN EVONIK high-performance membranes, which enable a purification efficiency of over 99.5%. Depending on the network or the operator’s needs, the gas can be purified to the desired methane concentration.

As each anaerobic digestion plant is characterized by specific needs and expectations, we can help you to study and propose suitable solutions.

Our solutions are available from 40 Nm³/h to 1500 Nm³/h.

The main principles of membrane filtration

– Dehumidification and desulphurization of the biogas before the membranes.

– Compression of the biogas to the working pressure of the membranes.

– Separation of the CH₄ and CO² by permeation membranes.

Membrane technology


The most efficient solution on the market. Competitive prices.
Low energy consumption.

Monitoring system with 24/7 assistance.

Compact and modular unit construction.

The system is easily integrated into a biogas plant.

+ Over 97% operational availability.

Biogas production

With 11 TWh in 2021, production has increased by 27% in 1 year.
We should reach 14 to 22 TWh of biomethane by 2028.
Energy distribution

The markets

Agriculture, Food industry, Industries, Services and public transport, Communities

Let's make the most of our resources by treating them with care