Treat large volumes of water with sustainable solutions.

Many industries use large quantities of water in their processes and are under increasing pressure from regulations as such they require rapid adaptation of their production tools.

OSEIDO anticipates these changes and develops solutions that meet your needs.

Not a drop to lose

We evaluate the processes at the origin of the polluted effluents before reuse or evacuation to the appropriate streams such as:

– Waste stream with chemical compounds

– Cutting oils or emulsions
– Washing of workshop floors
– Degreasing, polishing, pickling, washing of parts
– Chemical milling
– Electroplating baths

Some key figures

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of additional water demand between 2000 and 2050, including +400% for manufacturing industry in a context of increasing scarcity of resources

0 Mdr

€ is the amount spent on environmental protection in France in 2019

0 M
tons of polluted waste are discharged into water sources by industries worldwide every year
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is the position of France in the ranking of countries that spend the most on the environment in the EU

Membrane filtration, an efficient solution

Membrane filtration is an advanced filtration technique that separates water from soluble substances (oils/ex), organic substances, suspended matter, and metals.

It can be used to remove pollutants from wastewater before discharge or also to produce reused process water.

Membrane technology


Less water and less water treatment products.

Radical reduction in third-party effluent treatment costs

Simplified maintenance.

Preparation of process water for reuse (recycling).

Assessing, solving
and implementing