The maritime

Let’s treat bilge water much more effectively.

The management of wastewater on board ships is a real problem.
With a daily volume of several thousand cubic meters for some ships, wastewater represents a major challenge.

Not a drop to lose…

OSEIDO offers modular, compact membrane filtration solutions

– Wastewater treatment for floating habitats
– Wastewater treatment for ships
– On-board wastewater recycling
– Ballast water treatment

Tailor-made treatment

We offer oily water separators for the treatment of oily water with a hydrocarbon content of less than 5 ppm (mg/l).
These separators use tangential filtration technology, guaranteeing total efficiency even in the case of very high hydrocarbon content, but also in the presence of emulsion.
This technology has been designed and developed in accordance with the constraints of the maritime environment (compactness, resistance to maritime conditions, easy maintenance and operation, etc.)
This equipment can be installed on ships under construction or adapted to existing ships.

Some key figures

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of ocean pollution comes from maritime activities

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of pollution comes from land-based activities


PPM of oil content is the effluent discharge threshold set by regulation

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of marine oil pollution comes from ships

Water is scarce.
Let's preserve it